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Preset Pack #1

£1.00 GBP

Presenting my first pack of presets all produced and perfected by lots of trial and error. A lot of time has gone into these to make them look very 'film like' in appearance and rendering. As this is my first preset pack, I'm offering it for just £1. This particular pack includes;


These are compatible with Lightroom CC for definite. I'm sure it works on other ones but I'm unable to comment for definite as that's primarily what I use for my work flow. I'm hoping these will provide a good bit of fun and experimentation. 


To add the presets to your arsenal, click on the '+' by the preset tab, then 'Import Presets'. Find the presets in your downloads, then, you're away! 

*Be sure to unzip the folder before attempting to add. 

Happy shooting! 

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